Is there air conditioning?

Yes.  During the cold months we also have a heater on board.

Can we get off the bus during the tour?

Yes.  There will be times that you will be able to get off the bus to stretch if you would like.  The tour guide will let you know when and where.

Do we get off the bus to eat?

The tour is designed so you don't have to get off the bus.  Your tour guide will bring everything to you. 

How long does the tour last?

From 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  Depending on traffic, stops and food being prepared.

Can we take pictures?

Absolutely.  There will also be stops to take photos in front of iconic spots in Austin.

Can I tip more?

Your ticket already includes gratuity.  But if you feel your tour guide went above and beyond then by all means.  Currently cash and Venmo is accepted.

What's included with the payment of the ticket?

Your ticket includes everything.  There is no additional costs.  Be prepared to have a great experience.  

If there is bad weather will you still continue with the tour?

Depending on the weather we typically will not cancel the tour due to we operate in a bus.  We will notify our guests as soon as possible if Austin Food Bus Tours feels that the tour would not be safe after speaking to public officials. 

What beverages will you have?

Your ticket will include complementary beverages.  We will have drinks from our sponsors and also an assortment of adult beverages and N/A beverages for you to choose from.  Sponsors will vary from trip to trip.

How wide are the seats?

17.5 inches

How is the seating arrangement?

Seats are on a first come first serve basis.  Meaning if you arrive first you can pick your seats.  There are some seats that face each other in a communal style setting and there are others that offer a view of the opposite window.   There are 12 seats to choose from.

Will there be a restroom break?

Restroom breaks are not part of the itinerary due to time restraints.  Please use the facilities before your trip.

Should we eat before?

It is not advised to eat prior as this is considered a meal.  You will leave satiated.  

Are there substitutions for any of the courses?

Currently there is not.  As we evolve and get to know our vendors we will open dietary restrictions but currently this is not available.